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ACT in Focus by Jo Huxley, April 2024

A fresh Disability Strategy and First Action Plan are positive steps for the ACT in this transformational time for providers.
News update
News update

New book tells government how best to support people with developmental disability

The book, in easy-read format from Developmental Disability WA, tells the state and federal governments where more funding should go.

Fair Work Commission releases decision varying modern award superannuation clauses

An employee wearing a high vis vest in a warehouse


The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has released a decision varying the majority of modern awards following a review of their superannuation clauses. The review was undertaken to ensure all modern Awards’ superannuation clauses properly reflect current superannuation requirements. The changes come in on 9 April.

Of interest to NDS members will be the variation to the superannuation clause for employees with disability (clause 19.5) in the Supported Employment Services (SES) Award 2020.

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