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In the media

In the media

ABC: COVID vaccines 'strongly recommended' for disability workers, but advocates say they should be mandatory

ABC spoke to NDS after the PM announced he was not yet going to mandate vaccinations for disability support workers but instead 'strongly recommending it'. 
In the media

ABC Radio: Mandatory vaccinations in the disability sector

Senior Manager - State and Territory Operations, Karen Stace spoke to Nas Campanella on ABC PM about mandatory vaccinations in the disability sector
In the media

Sky News: NDS's call to mandate COVID vaccines for disability workers

Karen Stace, NSW State Manager was interviewed on Sky News about mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for disability workers.
In the media

The Guardian: 'Hit and miss': fewer than one in five Australian's in disability care vaccinated

The Guardian reports that just 5,000 Australians in disability care have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 more than four months into the rollout. They spoke to NDS about the impacts of the delay.
In the media

The Australian: New disability worker screening checks cause delays

Melissa Iaria from The Australian spoke to NDS's CEO about the NDIS Worker Screening Checks and the delays they are causing within the sector.
In the media

The Age: ‘Don’t forget us’: Fewer than 2 per cent of people living in disability homes fully vaccinated

The Age reports that told Senate estimates was told about 355 people living in disability accommodation had received both doses of the vaccine and spoke to NDS's CEO about the frustration this causes the...
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AAP: Scott Morrison warns of NDIS cost blowouts

PM says the future of the NDIS is at stake unless ballooning costs are brought under control. NDS's CEO believes the government should focus on the return on investment rather than the outlay.
In the media

SBS: Peak body calls for mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for disability workers

A national survey has found that disability support workers are hesitating to get the COVID-19 vaccine. NDS CEO, David Moody spoke to SBS about why the vaccine should be mandatory.
In the media

ABC Radio: People with Disability accessing the NDIS in Tasmania

Alice Flockhart, NDS State Manager - Tasmania was interviewed by Piia Wirsu about the low number of people with disability in Tasmania accessing the NDIS.
In the media

AAP: Disability advocates urging the Morrison government to fix rollout

NDS's CEO spoke to AAP about the sector's frustrations with delays to providing the vaccine to people with disability despite being a priority group.