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Mandatory Vaccination - Your IR/HR questions answered

This session will provide providers the opportunity to seek clarification and get their questions answered on a range of challenges surrounding mandatory vaccination from an IR/HR perspective.
Sector Meeting
Sector Meeting

Consultation on Disability Services Act Review

Communities Tasmania is currently reviewing the Disability Services Act 2011
Sector Meeting
Sector Meeting

NSW COVID-19 Response: Senior Leader meeting

NDS invites senior leaders to our next COVID-19 Response discussion meeting.

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News update
News update

NSW COVID-19 Update: Additional Information about mandatory vaccines and changes to day program group activities confirmed

NSW Health has provided additional detail related to vaccinations for the sector and confirmed changes to advice about group activities.
News update
News update

NSW COVID-19 Update: Changes to advice on day program group activities and reduced restrictions across NSW

NSW Health advises that day program group activities can resume in line with Public Health orders. 
News update
News update

News flash: NSW JobSaver applications now open for NFPs; day program group activities remain suspended.

NFP disability providers with a decline in turnover of 15 per cent can now apply for JobSaver. NSW Health: day program group activities remain suspended to 11th October 2021.

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