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A woman with disability smiles at the camera while and a support worker looks at her and smiles. The two women are in an office infront of desktop computers

NDIS Review: Final Review Webcast

Breakdown of the recommendations and actions from the NDS Review, focusing on key areas of the NDIS.
A Support Worker sits next to a young man with Down Syndrome who is using a laptop computer at a dining room table

Why have an EVP?

Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the reason a candidate will choose to work for your organisation over another.
A woman and a man sit at a table. They both wear headphones and interact with a laptop on the table

Victorian Directory of Key Local Health Contacts

Identify health needs of people with disabilities early and link with appropriate health services in a timely manner by linking to key local health contacts in your area.
Graphic of a man using a laptop sitting on a red play button. To the right, text says NDS Member Webinar

NDS Member Exclusive Webinar: Levelling the Playing Field

NDS discusses our new policy position ‘Provider Oversight, Accountability and Enablers’.
Two men sit outisde. One is holding a notebook and wears a yellow top. The other man has Down Syndrome and is looking at the notebook.

Maximising use of the CHAP, a Comprehensive Annual Health Assessment Program: A Guide for the Disability Sector

A guide for the disability sector to maximise implementation of the CHAP tool with people with an intellectual disability