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Business Excellence Webinars

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Location: National (Online)
Date: 15/02/2019 to 30/06/2021

The NDS Business Excellence Webinar Series looks at topical business issues and offers contemporary advice and inspiration for leaders in the disability sector.

Hear from leading subject experts and thought leaders as they provide insights and guidance during our sector transformation.

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Part 1: The science and art of realising Human potential 

Covers the implications of the cyber-physical age, the capabilities that will be most important for success and what organisations need to do to enable people to flourish. Duration 19 mins

Table of contents: 

  • What are the implications of the cyber-physical age?
  • What human capabilities will be most important for future success?
  • What will organisations need to do to enable human potential to flourish?
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Part 2: Organisational Architecture

Understand the role of organisational architecture in relation human potential and the three key areas you can address to bring out the best in your staff. Duration 20 mins

Table of contents: 

  • Understand the role of Organisational Architecture in the realisation of human potential
  • Understand how you can address three key areas to unleash the potential of your people. 
    - Culture 
    - Structure
    - Systems
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Part 3: Leadership and capability development

Outlines the business case for investing leadership and capability development and explores how to get best return on investment in development at an individual, team and organisational level. Duration 20 mins

Table of contents: 

  • Outline the business case for investing in Leadership and Capability Development 
  • Understand how to get the best return from your investment in development - at an individual, team and organisational level 
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Introduction to Human-Centred Design
Human-Centred Design offers a creative process to help you engage your customers during every interaction with your business. Amy Whelan from Mesh Communications provides the fundamentals of delivering a great customer experience, how to understand what your customers really want and how to use their insights to develop your business model. This webinar has been designed to help you look holistically at the journey of your customer; from branding and communications, service design and delivery, staff engagement through to implementing new technology and processes.
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Navigating your organisation through the eye of the perfect change storm

The disability sector is in the midst of fundamental change and organisations are handling this in a variety of ways. Many of you have already set a strategic intent and are seeking support to implement and continuously improve. In this session, we will detail some of the non-negotiable factors when managing change and interview some senior leaders of organisations who have navigated their change strategy successfully.

In this webinar, The Our Community Group will cover:
  • The board’s role - leading vs board handballing to the CEO
  • What is reasonable to expect from the board
  • Structural implementation
  • Gaining management/staff buy in
  • Evaluating/reviewing change effectiveness
  • Practical tips from an organisation (Chair/CEO) who has had recently undertaken an organisational transformation
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The Science of Sustained High Performance – how to manage and support others without burning out

It is no longer enough to just focus on your team’s performance without caring for your own wellbeing and coaching your team to manage their stress and reduce their chances of burnout.

In the webinar, Next Evolution Performance will discuss:

  • What is sustained high performance and why focus on the science of it?
  • the importance of managing energy, not time
  • How to use this information to help increase your revenue streams, achieve performance targets, attract high performing staff and decrease sick leave and potential burnout

What tools are available to help you implement change into your daily routine?

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Communication intelligence across cultures

Interacting with people from differing backgrounds and cultures – whether they are colleagues or customers – can sometimes be a daunting challenge. Perhaps you avoid conflict and provide subtle feedback, whereas your team member may be very direct. It is worth recognising that we all have our own unique mindsets, strengths and limitations when it comes to communicating.

In this webinar, Michael Writer from WriterCross Consulting will discuss each of the potential communication preference styles and how you can adjust your own approach to influence, inspire and/or engage your audience.

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Fostering a culture of innovation and creativity: lessons from Google

Everyone speaking about innovation, but nothing much happening? Innovation can start with a small step, a tiny improvement or a bold move. However, often it’s only the bold moves – and the big advances – that receive recognition. 

Hiam Sakakini and Monika Gisler both worked in leadership and development roles at Google for over a decade, and are now co-founders of Think.Change.Grow, a people and culture consultancy agency based in Sydney. They help organisations to shake up the existing status quo to encourage recognition of the less obvious contributions. 

The result? A more innovative workforce thanks to a culture that encourages people to pursue new ideas.
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Thanks to the Victorian Government's Transition Support Package, webinars can be accessed free of charge.

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