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Pro Bono Salary Survey: 50% member discount

NDS has negotiated a 50% discount for our members on the 2018 Pro Bono Salary Survey.

Member Webinar: How do you manage cyber risk?

The Managing cyber risk webinar with Gallagher is designed to help you better understand the impact a cyber incident could have on your organisation and what steps you can take to manage your digital...

Member Webinar: Notifiable Data Breaches

The Notifiable Data Breaches webinar with Tal Williams discusses the new requirements for providers in responding to data breaches.

Research To Action Guides

The Centre for Applied Disability Research (CADR) Research To Action Guides are part of an online collection of disability research and translational resources for the Australian context.

Practical Guide: Supported Independent Living (SIL) Quoting

NDS has developed a Practical Guide to assist providers to prepare a SIL quote.

Workforce Essentials e-Learning Library

Workforce Essentials bundles together online training modules and learning assets which have been tailor-made for Australian service providers. Sign up for a licence today!

Workforce Compliance Platform

NDS has negotiated a subscription and transaction discount structure with TikForce. This will deliver a user-friendly compliance, credential and verification solution at low cost.

Insurance and Risk Management

Access insurance and risk management advice for disability service providers. 

Message from NDS President Joan McKenna Kerr

NDS President Joan McKenna Kerr delivers a message on behalf of the NDS Board on the progress of advocacy around the NDIS and the next steps for action.

National Standards for Disability Services Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to assist compliance with the National Standards for Disability Services 1, 4 and 6 through a range of policy, procedure and practice templates.