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ACT in Focus by Jo Huxley, April 2024

A fresh Disability Strategy and First Action Plan are positive steps for the ACT in this transformational time for providers.
News update
News update

New book tells government how best to support people with developmental disability

The book, in easy-read format from Developmental Disability WA, tells the state and federal governments where more funding should go.

Victorian Government gives advice on Supported Residential Services

A person with disability in focus in background, a support person out of focus sits in foreground


The Victorian Government has published Considerations for use of Supported Residential Services — Advice to funded organisations, a guide for those who refer clients to Supported Residential Services (SRS).

SRS are private businesses that provide accommodation and support to people who need assistance with daily living. From July, they will be overseen by the new Social Services Regulator through the Social Services Regulation Act 2021 and the Social Services Regulations 2023.  

Recently, there have been community concerns about the standard of some SRSs. Limited supply of affordable supported accommodation for people on low incomes has seen more people with complex support needs moving into an SRS. They include those who need health, mental health, justice, housing and homelessness services.  

A growing number of SRS proprietors have residents covered by the NDIS. Indeed, around 30 per cent of SRS residents in Victoria are NDIS participants. And the concern is that many may not be getting appropriate support. 

To clarify what referring organisations should look for in an SRS, this document outlines the background and purpose of SRSs, the key considerations for making referrals, and the roles and responsibilities of both SRS proprietors and the referral agencies and services. 

NDS recommends the guide, which can be read or downloaded from the Victorian Government website.    

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