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News update

Disability Employment News

The latest in disability employment policy, including updates on supported employment modelling, a good practice guide on SWS, and new DES quality guidelines.
News update
News update

NDS policy roundup: February 2024

In recent sector policy issues, we look at our work since the NDIS Review Report, our recent submissions, and the latest legislation that affects providers.

Skilled interns available to support disability providers’ business

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What you need to know

  • The McCusker Centre for Citizenship at the University of Western Australia has provided quality, structured internships to over 500 not-for-profits and community organisations, including disability service providers.
  • It is inviting applications for student interns between February and May.
  • The application process is short and online.
  • Host employers could gain 100 hours of support from motivated UWA students.

The McCusker Centre for Citizenship is inviting applications for skilled student interns between February to May.

The internships allow UWA students to contribute to a project in a community-minded organisation. Interns can bring fresh skills and perspectives to Western Australian organisations for their research, projects and business activities, such as social media, marketing, human resources and data analysis, among others.

As well as connecting talented, motivated UWA students with organisations and agencies working for the benefit of the community, the program gives the interns valuable experience as they begin their careers. Ninety-seven per cent of intern supervisors have recommended the program.

NDS in WA is proud to partner with the McCusker Centre to deliver this award-winning internship program. Through the program, more than 3000 interns have supported projects that benefit the community.

If your organisation has a project or business team that could use an intern, the McCusker Centre wants to hear from you.

For the opportunity of 100-hours of support from a talented and motivated UWA student intern between February and May, go to the McCusker Centre’s website or express your interest to

Contact information
Sumi Behsman, Sector Support & Development Officer, 08 9208 9839, submit enquiry/feedback