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News update

Vic COVID-19 update: PCR testing and rapid antigen test supplies

Disability workers Priority 1 for rapid antigen and PCR testing, and email addresses for RAT supply requests.

New year exclusive member benefits and savings launched: office supplies and cost reduction with Winc and ERA

NDS is launching two new partnerships with Winc and Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA). Both organisations are offering exclusive discounts on a range of services and products for NDS members.

NT Government releases COVID-19 Disability Support Services Sub Plan

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While the Department of Health is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic response, the Disability Support Services Sub Plan (the Sub Plan) assists all stakeholders to manage a COVID-19 outbreak in the Northern Territory (NT). It includes the roles and responsibilities of a multi-agency urban response team.

The NT Disability Support Services Sub Plan [PDF] aligns with the Northern Territory Health Pandemic Plan 2020, and should be read in conjunction with any local or other relevant sub pandemic plans.

The plan contains the following broad sections: preparedness, outbreak response, and recovery.  

Principles contained in the Sub Plan:

  • Infection prevention, control and containment are key to ensure the safety of people with disability, disability support service staff, and the broader community
  • The following principles are intended to guide decisions in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic: the health, welfare and safety of people with disability, staff and the broader community is of fundamental concern in all decision making
  • The clinical needs of people with disability are paramount
  • People with disability continue to have a right to access public health services (including hospital)
  • Preferences of people with disability as articulated by themselves, their substitute decision-maker, or through an advanced care directive, will be supported where practical and clinically appropriate
  • Compassionate and culturally appropriate care and communication will be maintained, with access to the Interpreter Services and/ or the Aboriginal Interpreter Service
NDS will keep you informed with more information as it comes to hand. We will continue to work with the NTG to ensure that the sub plan is responsive to any COVID-19 developments in the NT community and disability sector.

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Stephanie Ransome, Acting Manager (NT), submit enquiry/feedback, show phone number