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Sarah's Soundbite: October

Across Victoria there is anticipation around reunions with family, friends and the activities we enjoy, with the COVID-19 vaccination rate rapidly closing in on 80 per cent and the state reopening.

Helpdesk Top 5: September

Read answers to top up your knowledge on COVID-19 vaccinations and other timely topics. Got a question on your mind? NDS members can ask the Helpdesk.

Consultation paper outlines process for NDIS Annual Pricing Review

desk with a coffee and lots of paperwork


The consultation paper for the NDIS Annual Pricing Review is available. The terms of reference are extensive and cover:

To support the review, 11 working groups will be established, comprising participants, providers and other stakeholders. Each group will have a particular focus on one of the following:

The workload is quite extensive, with the working groups planning to meet a number of times between November and February.

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