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NDS Events
NDS Events

Inner and Outer East Melbourne Management Network Meeting (NDIS)

National Disability Services invites strategic leaders, senior managers and team leaders to attend a management network meeting. 
NDS Committee Meeting
NDS Committee Meeting

Finance and Sustainability Sub-Committee

The Finance and Sustainability Sub-Committee provides a state-wide focus regarding strategies and issues that impact on the sustainability of disability service delivery, within the NDS membership.
One Day Seminar
One Day Seminar

Southern Melbourne NDIS Implementation Workshop #3

NDS invites service delivery and NDIS intake managers, team leaders and frontline managers to the final Southern Melbourne NDIS Implementation Workshop beyond implementation.

Latest Training

Online Training
Online Training

Manual Handling for Disability Support Workers

This e-learning module explores manual handling techniques for supporting people with disability.
Training Course (short)
Training Course (short)

Webinar: Getting marketing on the agenda

Marketing is vital for community organisations in Australia. Gain insights from experts and learn how Lumin can work to help you market effectively in this webinar.
Online Training
Online Training

Recognising Restrictive Practices - Zero Tolerance Program

The risk of abuse for some people with disability can increase depending on a range of personal and service type factors. Understanding the increased risk associated with specific services and settings...

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Online Training
Online Training

Supported Decision Making (e-Learning module)

Distributed on behalf of NSW Public Guardian, this e-learning module introduces the Supported Decision Making Practice Framework and discusses in detail the various elements of the framework.
Online Event
Online Event

Driver Safety Induction

Distributed in partnership with Driver Safety Australia, this course provides a quick refresher to existing drivers, and includes three units:The Driver and Human Factors; The Vehicle; and The Road...

NDIS Simple Financial Management

two people having a discussion in front of a laptop
Location: National (Online)
Date: 8/01/2019 to 30/06/2019
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NDIS Simple Financial Management is an online training program designed to support providers operating in an NDIS environment to understand the financial levers that underpin sustainability of their organisation.

A combination of human rights, choice, control and finance underpins most of the key changes that disability providers need to respond to under the NDIS marketplace.

Most support leaders are already well-acquainted with the choice, control and human rights elements to the NDIS. However, many are not as well acquainted with how their decisions impact their client’s finances and their organisations outcomes.

This series acknowledges that support leaders “signed up to make a difference – not a profit”. It also acknowledges that they are busy people who tend to focus on the urgent because they don’t always have time for the important.

Learning outcomes:

This series will explore key financial levers and provide simple worked examples, questions, models and templates, focused on:

  • Understanding how individual and grouped inclusion supports work financially
  • Understanding how client choice may impact financial outcomes
  • Understanding how staffing structure may impact financial outcomes
  • Understanding how organisational structure may impact financial outcomes
  • Understanding how the number of support hours delivered may impact financial outcomes
  • Understanding how available working capital may impact the rate of change required in NDIS transition
  • Building a practical financial and operational toolkit for support leaders in the short, medium and long term
  • Empowering informed, timely and strategic choices by coalface leadership

 Topic 1 – NDIS Transition and Cash

The first NDIS Simple Finance session looks at Cash Flow in the context of NDIS Transition:

  • What is “cash”?
  • How much do we have?
  • How much may we need for our NDIS transition?
  • How do our actions change possible outcomes?
  • What do we need to remember?

Topic 2 – Corporate Overheads

This second NDIS Simple Finance session looks at a topic that is a source of frustration for many providers ... Corporate Overhead expenses!

  • What is corporate overhead?
  • What should we get for our spending?
  • How much do we spend?
  • Why is it important?
  • How do our actions change possible outcomes?
  • What do we need to remember?

Topic 3 – Support Margin and Growth

This third NDIS Simple Finance session looks at how much you make on each support type, how growth impacts on profitability and how we can achieve good growth together.

  • What is support margin?
  • What is volume growth?
  • How do different NDIS products impact margin and growth?
  • How much do we make on each support?
  • How do we achieve good growth?
  • How do our actions change possible outcomes?
  • What do we need to remember?

Topic 4 – Smart Product Design

This fourth NDIS Simple Finance session looks at an important topic – smart product design. This may not be a topic that is frequently discussed in the NDIS space, but we guarantee that it is absolutely essential!

  • What is smart support design?
  • Why is it important?
  • What support types do we currently offer?
  • How can we improve the supports we offer?
  • What do we need to remember?

Program Facilitator: This program is delivered by Insight First, Tim Flowers, Principal.

Tim Flowers has extensive experience with all facets of the risk, economic management and change requirements of not-for-profit entities. His area of specific expertise is managing risk and change through the marketization of human services embracing NDIS transition, ADE reform, DES reform, aged care deregulation and community health changes driven by the Productivity Commission blueprint. His recent sector experience includes advisory and audit work for many disability, health and aged care providers in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Who should participate?
Relevant to front line leaders as well as financial managers.

Victorian provider: $70.00 incl. GST subsidised through the Victorian Government Transition Support Package
Providers outside of Victoria: $135.00 +  GST

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact, Learning Develop at