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Preventing Abuse

Preventing abuse means having clear policies and guidelines in place that are built on human rights and practices which maximise the empowerment of people with disability and person-centred approaches.

Prevention is also about creating the right organisational cultures; ensuring staff have the right values, experience, attitudes, supervision and training. It’s about clear and transparent processes where feedback is sought, people can speak up without recrimination and there is a prompt response.

Practice Advice 1: Recruitment and Supervision: Information to assist service providers to use recruitment and screening processes to prevent potential abusers gaining employment. It provides useful tips that should form the basis of any good human resources processes for organisations that support people.

Practice Advice 2: Supervision and Safety: Information to assist disability service providers to use management, supervision and training to reduce the risk of abuse, neglect and violence toward people with disability using their services.

Practice Advice 3: Positive Complaints Cultures [in development]

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For more information contact Liz Collier, Project Lead - Zero Tolerance, 03 8341 4317,

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