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Employment is an important part in all our lives.  Employment is a significant factor in our capacity to participate in the economic and social life of our community.

For people with disability employment is equally important, however in Australia the rates of employment for people with disability are low.  There are many contributing factors including inaccessible and non-inclusive policies, practices, attitudes and facilities.   

The WA Public Sector has set a target to increase the rate of employment of people with disability to 5% by 2025 (People With Disability: Action Plan to Improve WA Public Sector Employment Outcomes 2020-2025

These resources provide agencies with assistance to build disability employment confidence in the WA public sector and support the sector to achieve and exceed this target. 

The following five steps assists agencies to build disability employment confidence by providing a comprehensive, organisation-wide approach: 

Employment Confidence Flowchart; Leadership: Director General and Corporate Executive lead organisational change to increase employment for people with disability. Plan: Systems, policies and workforce planning include people with disability. Implement: Recruitment processes, premises and facilities are inclusive and accessible for people with disability. Employment: Employer has access and career pathway strategies to retain employees with disability. Evaluate and Review: Employment rates of people with disability are routinely monitored. Improvement actions are recommended to Executive.


Our NDS Disability Employment Confident resources were developed using a co-design approach with people with disability, with input from Disability Employment Providers, the WA Public Sector Commission and WA Public Sector Agencies. We would like to thank all of our stakeholders for their commitment and contribution to the project.

These resources support the implementation of best practice strategies. To access and download the workplace resources click on each of the topics below:

Agency Self-Assessment
Disability Understanding Recruitment Retention

NDS acknowledges the funding from the Department of Communities, Western Australian.

Gov WA Department of Communities

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Sophie Keay, Project Officer - Building The Talent Pool, submit enquiry/feedback