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Defensible Documentation for Disability Support Staff

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Location: National
Date: 1/05/2020 to 31/12/2021

Learn the leading method to document progress notes professionally, legally and competently in either a 3hr workshop or 1.5hr training session followed by 1:1 coaching.

As a one-off event, NDS is offering a virtual Defensible Documentation workshop as an opportunity for organisations to send staff to discuss correct methods of record-keeping.

Defensible Documentation Workshop (3 Hours)

Workshop is conducted via zoom for up to 20 people and once restrictions are lifted, face-to-face for up to 25 people

Suitable for Nurses, Allied Health, Care Workers and Assistants in Nursing, this three-hour workshop covers:

  1. Legal requirements of progress note documentation
  2. Correct language and words to communication factual information respectfully
  3. Tips for simplifying documentation and ensuring it's relevant and reader friendly
  4. Duty of care - What it means and how to evidence it
  5. The recommended format for documenting care and support, risks, incidents, complaints and informed risk taking.
  6. The 2 'C's of consent to defensibly document choice and refusal of care.
  7. Practice writing defensible notes

Workshop Cost

In House Delivery (currently zoom):
- 1 x 3 hour session: NDS Member: $2,015 + GST
- 1 x 3 hour session: Non-Member: $2,795 + GST
- 2 x 3 hour sessions on the same day: NDS Member: $3,627 + GST
- 2 x 3 hour sessions on the same day: Non-Member: $5,031 + GST

Additional participants when restrictions are lifted are (capped at 30 in total)
- NDS member: $93 + GST
- Non-Member: $129 + GST

Travel and accommodation costs (when restrictions are lifted) are charged at cost.

Defensible Documentation Training (1.5 hr) + 30 min 1:1 coaching

Live webinar training session via zoom followed by individual scheduled online coaching for up to 10 people.  

The training covers:

  • Legal requirements of progress note documentation
  • The correct language and words to communicate factual information respectfully
  • Tips for simplifying documentation and ensuring it's relevant and reader friendly
  • FACT Method: the recommedend format for documenting legally, clearly and concisely
  • Example of defensible documentation in practice

1:1 coaching session includes:

  • Pre-session activity: documenting a scenario using the FACT method
  • 30 minute coaching session to review, question, problem solve and improve documented scenario

Training Cost

NDS member: $190 + GST per person
Non-Member: $260 + GST per person

Presented by: Preventing Harm Initiative

PHI is a Specialist Training and Risk Management Company for Aged, Community, Disability and Mental Health Services.

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Learn and Develop on