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Business excellence beyond NDIS transition

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Location: Online
Date: 1/01/2020 to 30/06/2021

Four eLearning modules have been developed with funding from the Victorian Government to support business excellence beyond NDIS transition.

The expected completion time of each module is approx. 30 min

Content Access Module
  1. Finding your purpose
  2. Going through changes
  3. Measuring success
  4. The two providers
  5. Why the purpose? Or, why people buy
  6. What does it mean to know your purpose?
  7. When a business doesn’t know its purpose
  8. When a business does know its purpose
  9. Mission and values
  10. A good mission statement
  11. Being guided by purpose
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Content Access Module
  1. Welcome
  2. Let’s begin
  3. When does the NDIS Commission come into operations
  4. Key elements
  5. NDIS Practice Standards
  6. Proportionate requirements
  7. NDIS Code of Conduct
  8. National Worker Screening
  9. Incident management
  10. Behaviour Support
  11. NDIS Code of Conduct (Links)
  12. Conclusion
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Content Access Module
  1. Strategy and transformation – welcome
  2. The big picture
  3. Success in a changing landscape
  4. The NDIS Provider Toolkit
  5. Provider Toolkit: key documents
  6. Using the Provider Toolkit
  7. Building your roadmap
  8. Using the business process and action guide
  9. Putting it all to use
  10. Conclusion
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Content Access Module
  1. The customer journey
  2. The big picture
  3. When is a customer satisfied
  4. Customer touchpoints
  5. Example: An average outcome
  6. The customer experience
  7. The customer journey
  8. Customer journey mapping
  9. How to gather feedback
  10. Customer first!
  11. Correct the customer experience
  12. Conclusion
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Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Elise.Garraway, Project Manager, NDIS Sector Development Project,0383414305,