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Sector Support WA

The NDIS in WA Provider Support Network is a part of the NDS Sector Support service, funded  by the WA Department of Communities.

NDS's Provider Support Network in WA

The purpose of this Network is to support your organisation in:  

  • answering NDIS questions that affect your operations;
  • sharing business experience in the NDIS environment and problem solving solutions;
  • keeping people (within and beyond the immediate network) up-to-date with NDIS developments; and
  • contributing ideas to improve sector development strategies.

Person pointing to a presentation on a big screen

The NDIS in WA Provider Support Network meets every four to six weeks and is open to one representative from each organisation. As a part of this, the Sector Support team also operates an online networking platform using Microsoft Teams for providers to connect to us and with each other in between meetings.

Contact information

If your organisation would like to be a part of the NDIS in WA Provider Support Network, please email .