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NDIS Sector Development Project

What does the NDIS mean for your organisation?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a major social reform that will forever change the way Australians with disability get the supports they need.

Under the NDIS, funding will be allocated to people with disability and block funding will gradually disappear. Organisations like yours will need a strategic, whole-of-organisation approach to ensure business can be sustained through and beyond these changes.

NDS is here to assist

Funded by the Victorian Government, the NDIS Sector Development Project (SDP) works to build the capacity of Victorian disability service providers to successfully transition their business to the NDIS, to the new model of funding for disability services and supports.

Here, you’ll discover a broad variety of events, training, resources, up-to-date NDIS news and pathways for assistance - so you can get the support you need to transition to, and continue operating under, the NDIS.

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