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Referoo is a leading online reference checking tool, designed to make it easy for you to generate fast and secure reference checks that are customisable to any business.

Pitcher Partners JobKeeper webinar series

Pitcher Partners have released a series of webinars regarding JobKeeper

Member webinar: Governing for Rights and Quality

This member webinar provides an overview of Right on Board, a capacity-building program for Boards and Executive Teams.

Understanding Participant Choice in the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Two people smiling and doing paperwork

NDS's Centre for Applied Disability Research (CADR) is partnering with the Institute for Choice at the University of South Australia to conduct a program of research about how current (and prospective) NDIS participants make choices about service providers and why they make the choices they do.

Why is it important?

The research aims to reach current and potential NDIS participants and/or their carers by online survey. The aim is to achieve a broad representation by client group and geography so that the results can offer insights segmented by NDIS population/customer groups.

The research program is internationally significant in its application of evidence and approaches from marketing and consumer behaviour to disability services. It is also unique in the Australian context in that it aims to reveal for the first time the factors that influence consumers’ choices (‘attributes’ of service providers) and the trade-offs made when choosing disability service providers operating in the NDIS.

What will we do with the research?

The research will provide the opportunity for NDIS participants their families and carers to tell service providers what matters to them when they are making choices about services and supports. The benefit to NDS Members will be access to data and information about NDIS participants’ goals and preferences that assist service providers to develop effective customer engagement strategies.

Find the survey and all the resources on the CADR project page.

Contact information

Gordon Duff, General Manager - Sector Development and Research, 02 9256 3117,