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Subsidised Infection Prevention and Control training for Victorian disability workers

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Key benefits
  • A new online IPC course gives more disability workers the chance to learn critical skills essential in COVID-risk environments
  • The program is based on face-to-face workshops delivered to Victorian disability workers
  • Limited subsidised places available for Victorian disability workers
  • An additional component is the focus on vaccines as a tool in effective IPC.

Who is this for?

HR, IPC Champions, HSE reps, CEO, workers providing direct care for people with disabilities, regardless of setting.

Further information

The successful Infection Prevention and Control workshop delivered to more than 300 disability workers during the 2020 Victorian outbreak period is now available as an online training program. The face-to-face sessions and online course are part of NDS's COVID-19 Safer and Stronger program funded by the Victorian Government.

In collaboration with NDS, health educator Bruce Greaves, CEO of Health Education Collaborative created the online version of the IPC training in response to requests from the sector.

Bruce Greaves is a highly regarded health educator. During the pandemic he has been called on by the Victorian Government as an expert in pandemic infection prevention and control, working with frontline workers such as border workers, armed service personnel and COVID testing staff.

Disability workers will be able to complete the course in their own time and at their own pace, without the need to travel or disrupt worker rosters.

About the program

The state-wide face-to-face training delivered from December 2020 to April 2021 was widely praised by the participants, who responded that the practical format and insights into COVID-19 transmission, made the importance of Infection Prevention Control real in the new COVID-19 environment.

One participant noted it took the theory off the page and into an everyday work context, highlighting how multiple actions work together to limit the spread of any infection, especially COVID-19. This was particularly important for workers with limited to no experience of COVID-19 outbreaks in their community, where the level of urgency and impact was harder to imagine.  

The online course incorporates the feedback and insights from workshop participants and NDS sector insights. An additional component is the focus on vaccines as a tool in effective IPC.

Course details

The online course features videos from the face-to-face training, highlighting infection transmission concerns and the right way to put on and take off PPE, minimising the risk of infection transmission.

An additional component is a focus on vaccines as a tool in effective IPC.

The course is made up of 6 modules:

  • What is infection prevention and control?
  • Chain of infection transmission
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Vaccines
  • Cleaning and waste management
Each module contains a review of the content, and participants will receive a certificate on completion of a final quiz.

There are additional links to government resources, explanations of medical definitions used in IPC and access to the expert Health Education Collaborative team to answer any questions that may arise during the program.

The course content applies to any infectious disease such as influenza and gastroenteritis which occurs in a disability workplace.  

The course is estimated to take two hours to complete, depending on previous knowledge and experience. Training is online and users can stop, start and resume at any time.


$50 GST inclusive and additional discounts for bulk purchase by sector providers.

$20 GST inclusive subsidised places for Victorian Disability Providers.
With Victorian Government funding, NDS is offering limited subsidised places to Victorian disability workers.


Victorian Providers and individuals can register online.

For registrations outside of Victoria, please contact:

Health Education Collaborative

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Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Heather McMinn, Disability Sector Consultant, submit enquiry/feedback, 0448395495