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Member Webinar: Governance: the responsibilities of directors and boards

This webinar will look at the specified responsibilities of directors (or committee members) and boards as well as the more general responsibilities that attach to these senior positions in management...

Project Echo - Mainstream and Community Readiness for the NDIS

The Echo Project was developed to engage,connect, Help and Open networks for NDIS Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) in Tasmania.

Quality and Safeguards in the NDIS: A NSW Provider Guide

This guide maps the current NDIS Commission requirements against the previous NSW Quality and Safeguarding Framework under the NSW State Government.

Social Impact Measurement Toolkit (SIMT)

Social Impact Measurement Toolkit (SIMT)

An easy to use and accessible way to measure outcomes for individuals and determine the impact of organisational activities.

What are the key benefits?
  • Provides your organisation with data which highlights overall performance in supporting people to progress their goals
  • Supports your clients with a framework that can assist them to identify needs and support individual planning
  • Assists your workers with information which can refine their daily practice in areas that have real impact for individual clients.

Note: The SIMT is temporarily unavailable to new customers while it is being upgraded to a new platform. Submit an Expression of Interest by following the link below and we’ll get in touch as soon as it becomes available.

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Who is this resource for?

In consultation with the sector, NDS has created a set of tools and methods that enable human service organisations to measure progress against outcomes and social impact. We call this the Social Impact Measurement Tool (SIMT).

Further information:

Across seven life domains the SIMT uses 21 key measures to determine the social impact of your organisation. This robust system helps you to understand and communicate the social or economic value that your organisation creates.

SIMT is suitable for use in all human service environments and includes a range of tools and supporting information.

You can read more about how SIMT was created and the experience of the trial organisations in the report

Access to the SIMT in year one includes:

  • access to the toolkit
  • onsite training (one session excluding travel expenses)
  • online training for the theory of change
  • up to 100 interviews
  • one annual benchmark report
  • support
Second year (and all subsequent years) access includes:
  • annual access to the toolkit with updates
  • support
  • annual benchmark reports
  • up to 100 interviews

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