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Member webinar: Getting the most from the NDS Helpdesk

This NDS Member Exclusive Webinar recording takes you through the NDS Helpdesk, so you can get the most out of it.

Safeguarding for Boards

Safeguarding for Boards is a series of short films and a guide for boards of disability service providers. They help boards to understand and address the risk of abuse and neglect of people they support.

Understanding Participant Choice in the National Disability Insurance Scheme

NDS is partnering with the Institute for Choice at the University of South Australia to conduct a program of research on how NDIS participants make choices about providers and why they make the choices...

Person-centred, Outcomes-focused Project Design (POPD): An Introductory Framework

People in a workshop, text reads: Person-centered Outcomes-focused Project design: An introductory Framework

The Person-centred, Outcomes-focused Project Design (POPD) Framework was developed to introduce providers to ways of approaching the design, implementation and evaluation of projects and programs.

Key benefit points

  • Supports providers to learn about project management and design
  • Meets obligations of funded project
  • Shares learnings from one project more broadly with other providers

Who is this for?

Managers in disability service organisations and advocacy organisations. Applicable to anyone interested in measuring outcomes.

Download the resources:

Action Learning Network - Individual project reports

PDF Accessible Word

An Introductory Framework

PDF Accessible Word

Framework diagram poster

PDF Accessible Word

Further information

In September 2017, with funding from Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services through the Sector Development Fund, National Disability Services convened a group of staff from disability service Providers to form the Action Learning Network. The Network attracted people interested in implementing contemporary approaches to disability service delivery and committed to strengthening the quality of service delivery in their workplace and the sector more broadly.

The POPD Framework represents the shared learnings from the Action Learning Network.

An action learning approach was used to find out more about co-design and measuring outcomes, but the group also learned that interrelating design thinking and processes with project management tools would contribute to stronger outcomes.

  • Designing for outcomes using co-design helps make sure that project or program activities will lead to the outcomes we want, which are checked through evaluation.
  • Project management tools help make sure that the project or program is manageable in terms of time and budget and represents value-for-money.

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Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Caroline Alcorso, National Manager (Workforce Development), 02 9256 3180,