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StreetFleet - Vehicle Fleet Partner

 StreetFleet offers NDS members a free fleet appraisal, unique tender system plus other discounted services.

Dr Ben Gauntlett at NDS CEOs' meeting 2019

Dr Ben Gauntlett, Disability Discrimination Commissioner, provided the Kenneth Jenkins Oration titled ‘Making the system work for people with disability’ at the 2019 NDS CEOs’ Meeting.

People with Disability and Supported Decision-Making in the NDIS: A Guide for NSW Providers

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Significant legislative changes are occurring across Australia that will increase the obligations on a wide range of organisations, including NDIS providers, to support people with a disability to make their own decisions.

This guide outlines practical information for NSW providers about how to implement supported decision-making (SDM) in this context.

The guide explains key aspects of supported decision-making and the implications for NDIS providers.

Each section of the guide explains key aspects of supported decision-making, as well as the implications for NDIS providers. Some information is specific to NSW, but most of it is relevant in all settings across Australia.

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