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Cynch – Building cyber security into your business

Cynch is an Australian-owned cyber security advisory firm dedicated to empowering businesses through knowledge, technology and resources to assess and prevent cyber security risks.

NDS Member Webinar: Digital Transformation - cloud storage and the use of CRM

In this webinar, members will learn about cloud storage and customer relationship management systems.

Outcomes with Bayley House day service programs

Bayley House shares two stories from its day service programs which provide participants with the experience and knowledge to become part of their community.

NDS WHS advice line

WHS Advice line banner

NDS is pleased to launch a new national Work, Health and Safety (WHS) advice line for NDS Organisational Members and Associates.

Facilitated by Sue Smith Safety Services, the WHS advice line provides members a free over-the-phone 15-minute initial consultation on a range of WHS topics, including:

And more.

The service can help to direct you to a range of WHS resources available, provide a second opinion on an issue, or help identify if something might become a problem in future. NDS members can access discounted fees for prolonged consultations.

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