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NDS WA 2020-21 Pre-Budget Submission

NDS WA Pre-budget submission 2020-21
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The Pre-Budget Submision (PBS) 2020-21 highlights the key priorities for the WA disability sector as well and policy solutions for the State Government to consider for funding and implementation in the next State Budget. The annual PBS is the policy centerpiece for state-level disability advocacy developed in consultation with NDS members and a broad range of disability sector stakeholders.

The 2020-21 submission calls on the McGowan Government to deliver two funded priority deliverables to be actioned through 15 key recommendations essential to improving the lives of people with disability and their families in WA.

  1. Investment to support a sustainable innovative disability sector to assist with the delivery of the NDIS in WA; and
  2. Building an inclusive WA community through the funding and implementation of the State Disability Plan.

Our recommendations outline a pathway that will deliver better outcomes for these people through investment in a strong state disability ecosystem to the benefit of about 48,000 people with disability eligible for the NDIS at full roll-out and more than 360,000 in WA who are not eligible for funded supports under the Scheme.

The PBS has been developed through strong engagement and consultation with the WA disability sector, people with disability and their families and carers who have informed and shaped the priorities and recommendations contained in this year’s PBS.

NDS gratefully acknowledges the important participation of the NDS WA State Committee, ten NDS Sub-Committees and Practice Committees as well as the Council of Regional Disability Services who have generously tested, reflected and refined the priorities and recommendations.

The policy plank of our 2020-21 PBS is for the State Government to continue to be the key steward and agent which should oversee the delivery of social and economic community inclusion of all people with disability in WA, delivering their human rights as well as building a strong innovative disability sector. This includes strong stewardship in regard to the NDIS as well as building an Inclusive WA for all people with disability in WA.

Key recommendations in this year’s PBS include the following:

  • The critical need to fund and implement the State Disability Plan as part of the next State Budget. The finalisation of the Plan and the implementation of a first two year action plan is a first step to achieving this. We look to ensure that disability effort in mainstream services is funded, not diluted, and regulated by the WA Government.
  • The need for specialists to be located within State Government agencies and a well-resourced agency within the Department of Communities (DoC), supported by a dedicated State Minister for Disability and the retention of improved existing structures such as the Disability Services Board and the Ministerial Advisory Council on Disability (MACD). The 2019 Functional Review of the DoC must ensure the continuation of these supporting structures (as well providing adequate resourcing).
  • The importance for further substantial NDIS Industry transition / adaption funding of up to $20M per annum to 2023 providing capacity building support to disability organisations in WA over the next two to three years – to help them navigate the transition and build their financial sustainability, support innovation, quality and compliance and workforce development. This is in recognition of the many challenges facing the disability sector as the Scheme continues to be rolled out to 2023 and importantly includes a call for $5.1M for the WA Workforce Plan to grow a high quality workforce.
  • Strategic investment in regional, rural and remote WA through a five point action plan ensuring the NDIS works effectively and interfaces with mainstream services and the State Disability Plan.

NDS is highly committed to strengthening our partnership approach with the State Government and importantly, this year’s submission aligns strongly with the McGowan Government’s six strategic priorities – Sharing Prosperity – whole of Government targets and the National Disability Strategy to deliver better outcomes for all Western Australians.

We purposefully provide a strong solutions approach and identify opportunities to work in collaboration and partnership to make NDIS work in WA as well as delivering improved social and economic outcomes for people with disability in WA.

The PBS priorities and recommendations put forward to the State Government for consideration in the 2020-21 State Budget will help make sure people with disability, their families and carers can live the life they choose and fully participate in the WA community.

Our Pre-Budget Submission is supported by the following video testimonials:

Ajay and Barry from the Department of Mines and Industry Regulation will tell their story of how inclusive workplace practices can successfully reduce barriers and lead to more employment opportunities for PWD across the WA Public and private sectors.

Watch Ajay and Barry’s video here.

We will hear from Carol, a disability advocate and the mother of Stephen, and from WA Blue Sky CEO Frances Buchanan – both worked with us to develop the Safer Services Toolkit earlier this year. Making the dream of the NDIS come true requires a high quality trained workforce that can help to embed a culture of safety and good NDIS supports.

What Carol’s video here

Sophie will take us on her journey to work each day and share what accessible and available transport means to her. A priority of this year’s submission is an integrated transport strategy which includes the continuation and expansion of the Taxi Users Subsidy Scheme without any reduction in levels of service or eligibility to include on demand services.

Watch Sophie’s video here

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Jim Vanopoulos, NDIS Implementation Analysis & Support Manager, 08 9208 9802,