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WA Disability Services Sector Industry Plan

NDS commissioned ACIL Allen Consulting to research and establish a knowledge base on the contribution and potential of the WA disability sector under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

NDIS Business Process Guide

'Doing business in the NDIS? A business process development guide for providers' will assist leadership teams to determine their required business processes for operating in the NDIS business environment.

2018 DES Reforms Briefing with Kerrie Langford

The DES Reforms Briefing webinar with Kerrie Langford discusses the key features of the DES paper that was released last week.

Free Audits of Electricity and Gas Bills

Picture of a glowing lightbulb

Specialist Energy Management provides professional energy brokering and energy management services including:

  • Commercial and SME energy price tendering
  • Utilising group buying power
  • Residential multisite buying groups
  • Metering and monitoring services
  • Third party energy reduction suppliers

Key benefit points

Access free audits of electricity and gas bills and speak with a specialist and get the best advice for your organisation.

Send through your bills for your chance to save.

Who is this for?

NDS Organisational Members, Associates and Industry Supporters can access free audits of their electricity and gas bills.

Further Information

Please send your electricity and gas bills through to Isabelle at , and Specialist Energy Management will then contact you. 

Specialist Energy Management logo

Contact information

Isabelle Vertucci, Membership Development Officer, 02 9256 3163,