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Outcomes with Bayley House day service programs

Bayley House shares two stories from its day service programs which provide participants with the experience and knowledge to become part of their community.

Proposed new wage structure for the Supported Employment Services Award

NDS has developed an infographic setting out the key elements and implementation timeframe of the FWC’s proposed wages framework for supported employment.

NSW Worker Screening: What you need to know

NDS were joined by Michael Rosmalen, Director NDIS Worker Check, NSW Office of the Children's Guardian for an overview of the NDISWC application process.

Emprevo: digital workplace platform for filling shifts

Image reads: Business Support. Membership has it's benefits

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NDS has partnered with Emprevo, a digital workplace platform that connects managers and workers to fill all vacant shifts in minutes by automatically matching your part-time and casual workers to available work.

As managers can't connect with their workers to fill shifts, companies often have to resort to paying a premium for overtime or agency workers. Emprevo is a digital workplace platform that specialises in filling all your shifts by automatically matching available work to any available, eligible workers on their smartphone.

Your workers will love it as they get more of the work they want, when and where they want it. Your managers will love filling shifts in minutes, not hours.

Emprevo is a proven solution that has delivered outcomes in over 700 workplaces including:

  • Cost savings - Agency and overtime cost savings from 30-90%.
  • Time savings - Managers save up to 20 hours per week filling shifts
  • More engaged workforce as they are getting all the work they need, leading to reduced turnover.
  • Dramatically reduce telco costs as no texts or phone calls required.
  • Increasing quality of care - Managers can focus on their job instead of wasting time trying to fill shifts.

Membership offer

Emprevo offers a free 30-day trial with no upfront costs and with no lock-in contracts. You pay a small fee only for the shifts you fill every month.

Emprevo will provide a 10% discount off its standard rates for NDS Organisational Members and Associates.

For more information or a free trial visit the Emprevo website

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact NDS Membership Team, 02 6283 3205,