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Workforce Essentials e-Learning Library

NDS is currently in consultation with the sector to determine the appetite for access to a growing suite of sector-specific e-learning content. Register your interest here. 

Workforce Compliance Platform

NDS has negotiated a subscription and transaction discount structure with TikForce. This will deliver a user-friendly compliance, credential and verification solution at low cost.

Insurance and Risk Management

Access insurance and risk management advice for disability service providers. 

carecareers Human Rights Course

carecareers Human Rights Course

A free online human rights training program for disability support workers in New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria.

What are the key benefits?
  • Explore what human rights are and how they apply to working in disability services
  • Consisting of five interactive modules, each one builds on the previous module to build a more holistic understanding of human rights
  • Can be conveniently completed online, all at once or spaced out over time

Who is this resource for?

This free online resource is for disability support workers in New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria.

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Further Information:

The program explores what human rights are and how they apply to your work in disability services.

The course involves:

  • Five interactive online training modules
  • Each module takes about 20 minutes to complete
  • They can be done all at once or spaced out over time
  • The course can be completed individually, in pairs or as a team
Contact information
For more information contact Mike Field, National Manager, carecareers, 02 9256 3172,

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Client and Workforce Management in the Cloud

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