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August Triple N (NDS NEWS NSW) - NDIS Pricing

This webinar was the first in a series of regular webinars to keep NDS NSW members up to date and opportunities to access experts without having to leave your desks.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Guide and Toolkit

This Guide and Toolkit has been developed to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment across the disability sector.

Practical Guidance to Operating in the NDIS

This document provides guidance to providers as they change and adapt to the new systems and processes introduced by NDIS.

Business Analysis Tool

Person holding a paper document
Download Business Analysis Tool

This tool outlines three aspects of person-centred business design principles, to support NDIS providers to check compliance requirements, enhance outcomes for people with disabilities and improve organisational performance.

Key benefit points

  • The tool includes a range of ideas for innovation, financial sustainability and onging improvement.
  • Provides a number of checklists that providers are able to use to review their systems across key organisational domains.
  • The tool is able to be adpated to suit all organsations regardless of size, complexity and involvement in the NDIS.

Who is this for?

The resource is aimed at all providers operating in an NDIS environment.

Further information

The Business Analysis Tool has been developed to assist National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) providers to be flexible and thrive in the context of the NDIS framework.

It is based on three previous National Disability Services (NDS) resources, with updates to reflect the current and future NDIS environment.

The background resources are:

This document is also a companion resource with two new NDS guides:

NDS hopes that these three new documents provide practical and thought-provoking information for NDIS providers.

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Contact information

Karen Stace, NSW State Manager, 0409 948 530,