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Complaints management in disability services

A good complaints management approach is key to safeguarding people with disability and a crucial building block in your organisational culture.

Tell us about the State of the Disability Sector

The State of the Disability Sector survey and Workforce Census is our major tool to capture your views on the state of disability policy and the operating environment.

Disability Jobs Connect

The Disability Jobs Connect program has been created to help people with a disability overcome the challenges of gaining employment and connect with potential employers who recognise the unique skills...

Best Practice Consultation Guide

People in discussion in a meeting room

This guide has been developed collaboratively by National Disability Services (NDS), The Australian Services Union (ASU), the Health Services Union (HSU) and the United Workers Union (UWU) with the assistance of the Fair Work Commission in light of the COVID-19 Crisis.It was developed to provide guidance to the disability sector highlighting the importance of consultation between employers and employees during a period of major change such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

This resource is aimed at employers and employees of organisations within the disability sector.

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