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The NDIA has provided answers to questions raised in our recent member webinars on PACE and the upcoming rollout.

Victorian Mental Health Services

Department of Health and Aged Care website‘Supported Decision-Making in Victoria’The mental health navigation guide is for disability providers and workers and has been collated to guide navigation...

NDS Member Exclusive DRC Webinar: Client experience and meaningful engagement for design

This member exclusive webinar on Client experience and meaningful engagement for design, focuses on Yooralla’s experiences and how the lessons they learnt are being put into practice.

WA 2022-23 Pre-Budget Submission

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Pre-Budget Submission
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The WA 2022-23 Pre-Budget Submission (PBS) Key Priorities Overview is the centrepiece of WA's state-level disability advocacy.

This PBS highlights four key priorities that require strong investment by the State Government in the 2022-23 State Budget to meet the needs of people with disability, their families and the disability sector organisations providing critical support in Western Australia.

The four key priorities are:

  1. Invest in the Disability Sector Workforce
  2. Protect the Integrity of the NDIS
  3. Build a fit-for-purpose Office of Disability and implementation of the State Disability Strategy
  4. Build accessible communities and participation
NDS acknowledges the McGowan Labor Government has demonstrated its commitment to people with disability and their families, workers, and organisations in Western Australia (WA) through a range of commendable initiatives.

Yet the sector seeks stronger responses from government to address the financial impost of COVID-19, which threatens the sustainability of disability service organisations, particularly amidst the spread of the Omicron variant.

The WA 2022-23 pre-budget submission urges the State Government to invest in the disability sector workforce, with priority placed on a range of initiatives to help address worker shortages across Western Australia. The competitive pressures for labour within the disability workforce have been building for decades, and after experiencing the more recent impacts of COVID-19, a well-functioning, well-resourced disability services sector is vital.

Our PBS also provides representation to the State Government to protect the integrity of the NDIS and WA’s $3.8 billion investment. State Budget 2022-23 must acknowledge that WA disability organisations face an increasing demand for services in an environment of challenging NDIS pricing for WA participants.

For 2022-23, NDS seeks that the State Government’s Office of Disability be provided adequate funding to develop a three-year comprehensive Action Plan to implement key areas of the State Disability Strategy. The Office must also robustly negotiate the next NDIS Bilateral Agreement to ensure that it reflects the WA context, the needs of participants and strategically underpins the growth of the NDIS over coming years.

There is still significant progress to be made to improve the participation of Western Australians with a disability in the community, and NDS highlights two priority areas that should be addressed by the State Government in the 2022-23 Budget.

Disability Housing and Education, Training and Employment require immediate attention to ensure people with disability can live independently in an inclusive society.

The WA 2022-23 PBS seeks investment in initiatives to strategically address areas of critical need and pave the way for a comprehensive disability service system particularly in the areas of health, disability, justice, education and transport.

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For any enquiries, please contact Coralie Flatters, WA State Manager, submit enquiry/feedback, show phone number