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New to PACE? What to watch for

As the national rollout of PACE continues, we have tips to get you up to speed with the new system, latest improvements, and five issues for troubleshooting.

Palliative Care, life limiting illness, and support for people with a disability

Learn more about what palliative care is, how to support people living with a disability to access it, and information and resources for disability providers and support workers.

Victorian Disability and Social Services Regulation Amendment Act 2023

This page contains resources about the Victorian Disability and Social Services Regulation Amendment Act - learn new information and see resources now.

Risk Management

Group of people in a meeting with the banner 'risk management'

To support strong risk management, NDS in partnership with the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority and the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services, developed a number of resources based around a self-assessment checklist designed to meet the needs of small, medium and large disability service providers. Risk management is the suite of activities undertaken by an organisation to ensure that it understands the risks that it faces and makes informed decisions in managing these risks.

Whilst these resources were last revised in 2012, NDS members have indicated that they continue to be relevant within the current environment.

What are the key benefits?

  • Reduce the likelihood and/or consequences of potential adverse events and maximise the results of positive events
  • Provide decision-makers with information to assess risks in their business operations
  • Ensure that the application of risk management practices adds value to your organisation and that you implement strategies that are cost effective

Who is this resource for?

Board members, CEOs and staff, who are all responsible for identifying and managing the risks confronting their organisation.

Risk control resources

Risk Management and Controls Model for Disability Services

This is a practical self-assessment tool that provides a framework to support planning of risk control activities for small, medium and large Community Service Organisations.

*Please download and read the Notes for excel file before opening the excel tool. 

If you are having trouble with the excel file, please reach out by using the contact information below.

Governance Structure and Charter

This resource assists in the direction and control of an organisation by ensuring that activities are undertaken with due diligence and accountability.

Strategic Plan

This describes an organisation's aims and objectives to everyone connected with the organisation.

Client Services Charter

The Client Service Charter guides employee conduct and provides clear expectations about their behaviours and organisational processes.

OHS Management System Self Assessment & Audit Checklist

This checklist assists organisations to provide a safe and healthy workplace by improving safety performance.

OHS Home Visit Checklist

A checklist for OHS issues in the home used in conjunction with a Client Behaviour Management Plan.

Marketing Plan

A guide to aid the development of strategies to promote services to a broad or targeted group of prospective clients.

Contact information

For more information contact Sarah Fordyce, Policy Manager NDS Victoria, 03 8341 4300,  submit enquiry/feedback