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Victorian Mental Health Services

Department of Health and Aged Care website‘Supported Decision-Making in Victoria’The mental health navigation guide is for disability providers and workers and has been collated to guide navigation...

NDS Member Exclusive DRC Webinar: Client experience and meaningful engagement for design

This member exclusive webinar on Client experience and meaningful engagement for design, focuses on Yooralla’s experiences and how the lessons they learnt are being put into practice.

National Disability Awards Nominees

The National Disability Awards recognise workers, teams and organisations who show excellence, passion, vision and commitment to supporting people with disability.

Research To Action Guides

CADR banner

The Centre for Applied Disability Research (CADR) Research To Action Guides are part of an objective to build a comprehensive online collection of disability research and translational resources for the Australian context.

What are the key benefits?

  • The Research to Action Guides are based on the best available local and international evidence, put together by subject matter experts to support research end users to engage with the evidence
  • They focus on priority topics and summarise the findings in ways that make it easier to understand what we know, and what we need to find out
  • Each guide gathers and analyses evidence about what works, and packages that information into an efficient and practical resource

Who is this resource for?

Anyone can access the Research To Action Guides through the CADR website.

Visit the CADR website

Further information:

‘Bridging the gap between what we know and what we do’

The Research to Action Guides are based on the best available research evidence. Their topics are chosen by end users; people using services, their families and carers, disability support services, policy makers and researchers.

Research to Action Guides are part of the CADR Approach to Knowledge Mobilisation. You can find out more about this approach, and other Research To Actions Guides currently being developed, via the CADR website.

NDS established the Centre for Applied Disability Research with the assistance of the NSW Government in 2013, with the core objective to produce and share research and analysis that promotes good policy and service progress.

Contact information
For more information contact Gordon Duff, General Manager - Sector Development and Research, 02 9256 3117, submit enquiry/feedback