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Referoo - Fast, simple and secure online reference checks


Referoo logo

Referoo is a leading online reference checking tool, designed to make it easy for you to generate fast and secure reference checks that are customisable to any business.

It can be difficult to get references fast. With Referoo's online reference checking tool, you won't need to spend time chasing referees, collating references, or wondering if they are legitimate.

You can even choose how references are collected - via SMS, email or phone - so the process is quick, easy, and tailored to you. 

Who is this resource for?

Referoo will provide a discount of 20% on its usual rates to NDS Organisational Members and Associates.

Further information:

Referoo will also provide smaller NDS members (less than 10 FTE) an opportunity to purchase a bespoke package (e.g. 25 reference-checks) tailored to their needs.

Referoo is: 

  • Fast: Sending a reference check takes 30 seconds – it’s that easy.
  • Customised: We adjust the solution to fit your needs.
  • Secure: Our Australian servers are SSL secured for privacy and security. Our fraud detection system identifies suspicious references.
  • Easy-to-use: Referoo is an easy to use system, designed to be so intuitive that absolutely anybody can use it on any device.
  • Flexible: Our tool allows you to automate any or all parts of the process.
  • Cost-effective: Our subscription pricing is great value for money.

For more information or a free trial visit:

Referoo website

Members are advised that while Referoo’s service will be provided with due care and skill, NDS does not warrant or represent that the information is free from errors or omission. Please check referoo’s terms and conditions.

Members are encouraged to obtain secondary opinions and obtain comparison quotes from other services, if and where needed.

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact NDS Membership Team, 02 6283 3205, submit enquiry/feedback