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Victorian Mental Health Services

Department of Health and Aged Care website‘Supported Decision-Making in Victoria’The mental health navigation guide is for disability providers and workers and has been collated to guide navigation...

NDS Member Exclusive DRC Webinar: Client experience and meaningful engagement for design

This member exclusive webinar on Client experience and meaningful engagement for design, focuses on Yooralla’s experiences and how the lessons they learnt are being put into practice.

National Disability Awards Nominees

The National Disability Awards recognise workers, teams and organisations who show excellence, passion, vision and commitment to supporting people with disability.

NDS Quality Portal

NDS Quality Portal

The NDS Quality Portal goes the extra mile to guide disability service providers with standards compliance management, reporting, business risk management and quality improvement.

Hosting hundreds of resources, best practice policy templates, pro formas, evidence guides and interactive self-assessments, the Quality Portal sets the standard for compliance management. Providers who use the Quality Portal save up to 80% of the time they spent on quality improvement and compliance reporting.

Self-assessments for all of the main sets of community services and health standards are available in the Quality Portal, including the NDIS Practice Standards, National Standards for Disability Services, National Standards for Mental Health Services and the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Download a brochure: [PDF | Accessible] or click here to take out a trial or subscribe to the NDS Quality Portal


A range of COVID-19 resources are available, including:

  • A self-assessment in the platform for respiratory outbreak preparedness (based on recommendations from the Dept Health, NDIS Q&S Commission and other sources)
  • Since the flyer, we’ve also now added a COVID-Safe Workplace Checklist self-assessment (based on Safe Work Australia’s recommendations)
  • Infection prevention and control policy
  • Business impact analysis and continuity policy
  • Staff succession planning resources and policy
  • Working from home policy and template agreement

Download COVID-19 flyer: [PDF | Accessible]

What are the key benefits?

  • Understand the new NDIS requirements: the Quality Portal helps providers to both understand and comply with the new detailed NDIS requirements
  • Save a lot of time: providers can save up to 80% of the time they spend on quality standards assessment and compliance reporting
  • Gap analysis: the NDIS Core Practice Standards and Code of Conduct are mapped across all of the 50 other community and health services standards in the Quality Portal. So if you’ve done work against one standard, you can quickly see where the gaps are against others
  • Keep up-to-date with your requirements: the Quality Portal helps providers to stay abreast of the latest developments in all of the major National and State/Territory standards

Key features NDS

Download Diagram: PDF | Accessible

Who is this resource for?

NDS Organisational Members and Associates have access to this resource at a 10% discount when subscribing to the NDS Quality Portal. Pricing is based on organisational income, and starts from $871.20 (incl GST) for a one-year licence.

Subscribe or take a Free Trial?

If you are not already subscribed to the NDS Quality Portal, you can take a free two-week trial.

Subscribe or take a trial of the NDS Quality Portal

Contact information
For more information contact NDS Membership Team, 02 6283 3205, submit enquiry/feedback