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New to PACE? What to watch for

As the national rollout of PACE continues, we have tips to get you up to speed with the new system, latest improvements, and five issues for troubleshooting.

Palliative Care, life limiting illness, and support for people with a disability

Learn more about what palliative care is, how to support people living with a disability to access it, and information and resources for disability providers and support workers.

Victorian Disability and Social Services Regulation Amendment Act 2023

This page contains resources about the Victorian Disability and Social Services Regulation Amendment Act - learn new information and see resources now.

NDIS Review

NDIS Review, Building a strong, effective NDIS

The panel conducting the independent review of the NDIS handed down its final report in December. While the government has not yet formally responded to the recommendations, there is little doubt that work has started at a cracking pace.  

January saw the announcement of $11.6 million to start work on the Foundational Supports Strategy. Improving supports for people with disability and NDIS participants outside of the NDIS is one of the cornerstones of the NDIS Review recommendations.  

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