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Safer Services Toolkit

Newly updated, the toolkit gives providers what they need to build their internal quality and safeguarding capabilities to the highest standards.

Website shows jobseekers how to make their own video resumés

NDS’s online resource is a free, easy, step-by-step guide for jobseekers and employment services to make stand-out presentations to potential employers.

Maintaining safe and effective infection control in disability settings

In a field, a woman leans over another woman using a wheelchair. Their backs are to the camera

Key benefits

  • Developed with input from over 300 plus disability workers and management during COVID
  • Covers essential knowledge and skills needed for the change
  • Addresses COVID risk management along with other common infectious conditions for broad application
  • Uses range of learning formats to be accessible for workers with little or no health literacy background

Who is this for?

Any providers and disability sector workers. 

Further information

National Disability Services and Health Education Collaborative are pleased to announce the 2022 revised version of the 2021 online infection prevention and control course, designed with and for Australian disability sector workers. It has been designed to provide a solid foundation for workers with little or no infection control knowledge and skills, or act as a refresher for anyone working in the disability sector.

Originally developed during 2020 to address COVID-19 infection control needs it was completed by 500 plus disability sector workers. Their insights and feedback have added value to this revised version along with experienced infection control expertise from professionals who supported diverse sector workers to reduce infection transmission during COVID-19 pandemic peak periods. 

The course has been updated to meet the current disability sector day-to-day infection control needs, including reducing transmission of common diseases and increasing knowledge with practical actions to manage COVID-19 waves or new health risks. Additional components include the role of vaccinations, more detail on ventilation, time, and space and how they affect infection transmission, fit checking of respiratory masks, increasing PPE effectiveness and the importance of cleaning. 

Content includes text, audio, video, and interactive activities to reinforce knowledge retention and allow for different learning styles and literacy levels. Registered users can stop and resume at any time during completion of the course, which may take up to three hours depending on prior knowledge, requires each of the 6 modules to be completed in order. A certificate is issued on completion and can be directed through the organisation manager for tracking if required. 

Arranging access and purchase 

Access to the course is through Health Education Collaborative, who partnered with NDS to develop the original course and contributed extensive infection control expertise and experience. 

Organisations investing in the infection control capability of workers need to contact Health Education Collaborative to discuss invoicing and set up for tracking staff completion through an LMS system. Individuals can also be invoiced for their own access as part of professional development.

The sliding scale of user costs reduces from $50 to $30 per worker depending on access volume required and has been set at a minimum cost, as negotiated by NDS, to support the disability sector with access to this important area of learning. 

To arrange for Maintaining safe and effective infection control in disability settings  course enrolment access, purchase invoicing and coupon codes, contact Health Education Collaborative directly at

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Heather McMinn, Disability Sector Consultant, submit enquiry/feedback, 0448 395 495