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Safer Services Toolkit

Newly updated, the toolkit gives providers what they need to build their internal quality and safeguarding capabilities to the highest standards.

Website shows jobseekers how to make their own video resumés

NDS’s online resource is a free, easy, step-by-step guide for jobseekers and employment services to make stand-out presentations to potential employers.

Diversifying Disability Employment

Reads: Diversifying Disability Employment, next to image of two people working in a garden nursery

Key benefits

  • Increased employer confidence and capacity to attract, recruit, employ and retain people with disability
  • Diversify the range and increase the quantity of employment options available for people with disability in Tasmania
  • Build awareness of disability employment and increase the workplace’s capacity to provide inclusive and safe work environments

Who is this for?

DES providers, potential employers and job seekers with disability.

Further information

The Diversifying Disability Employment project is designed to build awareness of disability employment in Tasmania and increase the workplace’s capacity to provide inclusive and safe work environments. The project will increase employer confidence and capacity to attract, recruit, employ and retain people with disability by:

  • Delivery training sessions, to both human resources and management teams, providing information and materials
  • Working with participating employers to review recruitment policies and practices ensuring that they are inclusive and accessible, particularly in relation to employing people with disability
  • Conduct workshops across 12 employers, delivered to all levels of staff, that intend to develop skills regarding the employment of those with disability and increase a workplace’s capacity to provide an inclusive and safe environment.
  • Development of a system to allow the collection of data relating to desired training opportunities, employment, and career pathways for those with disability.
  • Minimum of 12 meaningful employment facilitated by participating employers.

If you'd like to know more please get in touch: submit enquiry/feedback

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Upcoming Events

Diversifying Disability Employment Awareness Training 

Come along to a free half-day workshop, led by a team of vibrant and engaging presenters, all of whom have lived experience of disability. Small to medium businesses across Tasmania who may be interested in diversifying their workforce by employing a person with disability are urged to attend these sessions.

Diversifying Disability Employment Workshops 

These workshops offer a deeper dive into disability employment. Attendees must have completed Lets Talk Disability awareness training to attend workshops.

Diversifying Disability Employment Networking Events 

NDS will show you how you can build your workforce, access free disability awareness training, resources and support, and even connect you with a jobseeker. If you are a small to medium employer in Tasmania, come along and join us for a coffee and chat, meet with the friendly staff at NDS and find out how you can gain access to a diverse pool of capable employees who are ready to join the workforce.

View upcoming events

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Chris Oriel, Project Officer, submit enquiry/feedback