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New to PACE? What to watch for

As the national rollout of PACE continues, we have tips to get you up to speed with the new system, latest improvements, and five issues for troubleshooting.

Palliative Care, life limiting illness, and support for people with a disability

Learn more about what palliative care is, how to support people living with a disability to access it, and information and resources for disability providers and support workers.

Victorian Disability and Social Services Regulation Amendment Act 2023

This page contains resources about the Victorian Disability and Social Services Regulation Amendment Act - learn new information and see resources now.

How to Create an Enabling Workplace — Video Series

three people working together, text reads creating an enabling workplace
Key benefits
  • Information relating to purpose-driven ways of working for organisations looking to rethink or strengthen their work environment
  • Resources and information will be most useful to leaders keen to improve the psychological safety and wellbeing of their teams
  • Exploration of what it means to provide a stimulating, safe and supportive work environment, and tangible guidance for organisations to implement changes to workplace culture

How can we build better organisations and teams on purpose and with purpose for now and the future?

Creating an Enabling Work Environment video series and accompanying resource guides will show you how it can be done. They were developed in collaboration between NDS and Purpose At Work and provide good practice guidance to assist organisations to create a work environment that enables their employees to do their best work and to feel supported and valued.

This resource recognises the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on workplaces, team culture and staff wellbeing. It provides tools and information for organisations that are thinking about how to optimise their work environment to enhance quality services and retain workers.

Who is this for?

Leaders including HR leaders, CEOs, operational managers, and team leaders

Video 1: The Why and What

Running time: 6:57 minutes

Video 2: Psychologically safe environment

Running time: 8:00 minutes

Video 3: A healthy environment

Running time: 9:26 minutes

Video 4: Connected environment

Running time: 8:37 minutes

Video 5: Engaging environment

Running time: 7:52 minutes

Video 6: Stimulating environment

Running time: 9:35 minutes

Video 7: Supportive environment

Running time: 8:22 minutes

Supporting resources

Connection and engagement resources

Psychological safety and wellbeing resources

Stimulation and support resources resources

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