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Victorian Disability Workforce Environment Scan

Victorian Disability Workforce Environment Scan for 2022, prepared by NDS, to support the Victorian disability sector through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Access Tailored Employee Benefits Solutions

AccessPay provides specialised and tailored salary packaging and employee benefits services.

ACT: Building a Resilient Workforce - looking through a COVID lens

This recorded webinar explores why it is so important to have a resilient workforce and practical strategies to build staff resilience and morale.

ACT: Managing the Omicron Wave - administering Rapid Antigen Tests

Key benefits
  • Learn about guidelines for Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT)
  • Understand key considerations in applying RATs in a disability support environment
  • Watch a video demonstration on the correct procedure when undertaking a RAT
  • Find out how RATs can be used as part of your risk mitigation strategy

Who is this for?

CEOs, Operational Managers, Frontline Managers

Webinar running time: 00:23:39

Further information

A RAT is a quick way to detect COVID-19 and can be used to identify positive cases earlier and reduce outbreaks. It is important that the tests are administered properly so that accurate results are obtained. In this webinar you will be presented with guidelines for administering RATs and will also see a demonstration of the correct procedure. Following this, you will hear from the ACT Senior Practitioner who will provide advice around the administration of a RAT to people you provide support to.

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Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Susan Cameron, ACT COVID-19 Sector Support Coordinator, submit enquiry/feedback, show phone number