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Policy News

Victorian Government releases Skills Issues Paper, seeking submissions

Read the Issues Paper for the Review into Skills for Victoria’s Growing Economy, lodge a submission and complete the online survey.
Policy News
Policy News

Consultation on new State Plan for Victoria, 2021-24

The Victorian government has commenced consultations to inform the next State Disability Plan, 2021-24.
Policy News
Policy News

Recent Victorian submissions, Workforce Longitudinal study results, and opportunities for NDS engagement

Recent submissions on the 2020-21 Victorian Budget and Worker Registration Scheme. Members are encouraged to consider joining one of our active Member Groups.

Work progressing on new Registration Scheme for Victorian Disability Workers

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I need to know this because:
  • From 1 July 2020, a voluntary Disability Worker Registration Scheme and a new Code of Conduct for all disability workers in Victoria will come into operation.
  • This scheme will include people working with NDIS participants, and those funded by state government, TAC, and other services.
  • NDS is advocating for a Code identical to the national NDIS Commission Code of Conduct be adopted.
  • NDS is hosting a consultation workshop on the Victorian Disability Worker Registration Scheme for disability service providers.

The recent Victorian Disability Service Safeguards Act 2018 brings into operation from 1 July 2020 a voluntary Disability Worker Registration Scheme and the introduction of a Code of Conduct for all disability workers in Victoria, as well as a Victorian Disability Worker Commission. The Code of Conduct will apply to all Victorian disability workers including people working with NDIS participants and those funded by the state government, TAC, and other sources.

The stated objectives of the scheme are to improve the quality of disability care and service standards across Victoria and to establish a registration scheme, including providing for approved accreditation standards, and providing for an approved Code of Conduct for the disability workforce. The scheme aims to strengthen the Victorian Government’s ‘zero tolerance’ approach to the abuse of people with disability.

NDS and many Victorian members participated in consultations leading up to this scheme. We are pleased with the decision to make worker registration voluntary rather than compulsory, but continue to have concerns about:

  • the potential for confusion in regards to the creation of a new Commission with the ability to receive complaints about workers; and
  • the proposed development of a Victorian-specific Code of Conduct.

The legislation states that the Victorian Code of Conduct needs to align with the NDIS Commission’s Code of Conduct. However, NDS is advocating for a Code identical to the national Code of Conduct be adopted. This would allow the allocation of resources to support the sector to understand how to deliver services that reflect and amplify the requirements under the national Code. NDS contends that the creation of a second code may lead to confusion and will potentially diminish the impact of each code.

It is acknowledged that in addition to the NDIS Commission’s Code and the Victorian code, workers will need to comply with any other applicable Codes of Conduct relating to Child Safe Sevices, those from professional bodies and other workplace codes.

A website has been launched for the Commission, with factsheets available for workers and for people with disability, and information on why and how to register, and how to make complaints. The Commission is currently being established and will begin making decisions early next year about how they will enact the Disability Service Safeguards Act 2018.

Consultation Workshop

NDS is hosting a consultation workshop on the Victorian Disability Worker Registration Scheme for disability service providers on Monday, 21 October 2019. This is an important opportunity to help shape the Scheme and the Code of Conduct.

Registrations are now full, you can join the waitlist or register for a teleconference ticket. 

Please contact Cassidy Livingstone on the details below with any queries in regards to this event.

Contact information
Cassidy Livingstone, Sector Development Coordinator, NDIS & Zero Tolerance Initiative, 03 8341 4337,