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NDS Submission Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Secure Jobs, Better Pay) Bill 2022

NDS's submission to the Education and Employment Legislation Committee inquiry on the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Secure Jobs, Better Pay) Bill 2022
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NDS Submission on the Disability Inclusion Bill Exposure Draft

NDS provides feedback from the sector to inform the development of this central piece of legislation to drive inclusion for Victorians with disabilities.
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NDS Submission: Effectiveness of the National Disability Insurance Agency’s management of assistance with daily life supports

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SDA Update and Overview Resource

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I need to know this because:
  • SDA Update: From 1 July 2019, Victorian SDA providers are subject to the Residential Tenancies Act, as well as the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Framework
  • NDS members are invited to join an online NDS SDA reference group
  • NDS has released a document which presents an overview of the complex regulatory environment for SDA providers in Victoria

From 1 July 2019, the residential rights of Victorian NDIS participants with Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) are protected by new provisions of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (the Act), and regulated by Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV). SDA providers are also subject to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Framework and its accompanying Practice Standards.

CAV is currently consulting on the proposed SDA Residency Agreement and Information Statements that will be prescribed under Part 12A of the Act. These documents are expected to be finalised by mid-August. This leaves a period of approximately six weeks where SDA providers and residents will not be able to enter into a residency or tenancy agreement under the Act. This will not impact residents currently living in SDA because of the transitional arrangements provided in the Disability Services Safeguards Act 2018, but it means that new SDA residents will need to wait until the regulations are in place before entering into an SDA residency agreement or tenancy agreement. CAV have indicated that they will work with providers and residents on a case by case basis to manage any issues arising from this situation. 

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