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Policy News

NDS Submission to the NSW Disability Advocacy Review

The Ageing and Disability Commission review into NSW Disability Advocacy will close today, 18 October 2019. NDS's submission calls for ongoing State funding.
News update
News update

Portable Long Service Scheme: Reminder to register by 30 September 2019

NDS members are reminded to check if they need to register by 30 September for the new Portable Long Service Scheme.
News update
News update

New legislation for labour hire providers

Under new Victorian legislation, labour hire providers are required to be licensed to operate.

Report reveals the impact of potential ADE wage increases

ADE wage impact


I need to know this because:
  • Find out why ADEs cannot absorb higher wage costs without the loss of a large number of jobs
  • Gain an understanding of the ongoing viability of ADEs
  • Preview data relating to the number of supported employees, wages, ADE expenditure, revenue and profitability
  • See how wage, cost and profitability data can determine the impact of an increase in wage costs on the ADE viability.

A 40% increase in the wages of supported employees would see 85% of Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) in deficit, with four in 10 ADEs making losses above $250,000. This is a key finding of a report which NDS commissioned from KPMG.

The report, 'Assessing the impact of increasing wage costs on Australian Disability Enterprises', stress tests ADEs in relation to a range of wage cost increases - from 20% to 100%. It shows that many ADEs currently struggle to be financially viable and that imposing higher wage costs would tip them over the edge. The project collected data from 85 organisations operating ADEs (44% of ADEs nationally employing 57% of supported employees) ensuring a representative sample.

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