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Policy News

NDS submission: Review of Skills for Victoria's Growing Economy

NDS calls for greater coordination of workforce training initiatives, improved training quality and more support for people with disabilities to gain employment.
News update
News update

Implementing the Victorian Care Facilities Directions (No 2) in disability residential settings – Your questions answered

The top 5 questions from the NDS Helpdesk regarding the implementation of the Victorian Care Facilities Directions (No 2)
News update
News update

Disability Act gazettal continues for Victorian residential services

Unless requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act 1996 can be upheld, re-gazetted Victorian group homes will continue to operate under the Disability Act 2006.

NDS Submission to the NSW Disability Advocacy Review

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I need to know this because:
  • NDS supports the ongoing funding of advocacy services in NSW separate to NDIS funding
  • Sustainable funding arrangements for advocacy in NSW are critical to safeguard the rights of people with disability
  • Access to independent advocacy is a key to achieving the outcomes outlined in the NDIS Practice Standards
  • Programs that bring service providers and advocacy organisations together to promote self determination should be supported.

The NSW Government has shown a commitment to advocacy services through its Transitional Advocacy Funding Supplement, however it has yet to determine ongoing funding arrangements. This review, commissioned as part of the role of the new Ageing and Disability Commission, aims to consider how advocacy funding and services are delivered in NSW and in particular establish future funding arrangements to secure a strong advocacy program into the future.NDS's submission highlights the critical role of advocacy and supports recommendations by the Productivity Commission and others for advocacy to remain outside the scope of the NDIS. This is vital to ensure that people with disability can gain access to the Scheme and that those who are ineligible for NDIS funded supports can continue to receive advocacy support.We also highlight the importance of advocacy services in safeguarding the rights of people with a disability and in supporting providers to deliver on the outcomes as specified in the NDIS Practice Standards where several standards require providers to facilitate access to independent advocacy.The consultation paper sought views about the role of peak bodies and a possible framework by which they could report on outcomes. We highlighted the role that peak bodies play in advocating for the sector (and through the sector people with a disability) and suggested that a reporting framework designed in collaboration with a broad range of peak bodies may be a way to capture these outcomes. Our submission can be found here: (PDF | Word)

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