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Policy News

Disability provider obligations under the Portable Long Service Scheme in Victoria

Information on employer obligations under the Portable Long Service Scheme has been released by the Victorian Portable Long Service Authority.
Policy News
Policy News

Changes for Government and Non-Government SDA providers as amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act come into effect

Changes include vacancy coordination, fire service and board/lodging.
Policy News
Policy News

Streamlining Agreements: Victorian SDA Residential Agreement and Information Statements Released

Consumer Affairs Victoria release the new SDA lease agreements

NDS State Budget Submission 2019-20 focuses on sustainability and community

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I need to know this because:
  • NDS' submission acknowledges the Victorian government's ongoing responsibility to Victorians with disability, both eligible and ineligible for NDIS packages.
  • It highlights issues such as appropriate NDIS pricing, building a sufficient workforce, preventing abuse, housing, transport, and mainstream interfaces.

NDS’ State Budget Submission highlights the Victorian government's continuing responsibility to support all Victorians with disability, whether eligible or ineligible for individual packages under the NDIS.

The submission’s recommendations expand on NDS' Victorian State Election platform and lay out the ways in which the Victorian Government can have the most effective and positive impact on the provision of support to people with disability.

NDS provides 10 recommendations, which fall into two broad priority areas:

Priority 1: Support a sustainable, innovative disability sector

  1. Advocate for market-informed NDIS prices
  2. Support active market stewardship
  3. Continue to invest in the disability workforce, including by:
    - Funding a structural adjustment fund to support the implementation of the Multi Employer Agreement
    - Continuing to fund projectABLE
    - Building on investment in Keeping Our Sector Strong
  4. Maintain a focus on the prevention of disability abuse
  5. Sustain vital disability sector supports

Priority 2: Continue to build an inclusive Victorian community

  1. Develop and implement a Victorian disability housing strategy
  2. Invest in effective interfaces between the NDIS and mainstream services
  3. Address transport shortcomings for people with disability
  4. Maintain high quality disability services for Victorians with disability not eligible for the NDIS
  5. Support employment for people with disability
See NDS' submission below.
Publication: NDS State Budget Submission 2019-2020

NDS State Budget Submission 2019-2020

Download publication (PDF 981.8KB) Download accessible publication (Word 134.5KB)
Contact information
Henry Newton, Project and Policy Officer, 03 8341 4323,