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Policy News

Feedback sought on Child Wellbeing and Safety Information Sharing reforms

NDS is seeking member feedback on Victoria's proposed legislative model for Child Wellbeing and Safety Information Sharing reforms.
Policy News
Policy News

Registration of Interest process opens for DES providers

The Registration of Interest process to establish the new panel of DES providers is now open until 29 August 2017.

NDS seeks members' views for review of NSW Guardianship Act 1987

A person with disability smiling with their carer in the background.


I need to know this because:
  • The Guardianship Act 1987 is currently under review by the NSW Law Reform Commission and NDS will make a submission for its consideration.
  • As individuals begin to roll into the NDIS, some decisions may require a formal appointment of a guardian or financial manager.
  • NDS has already made a preliminary submission to the review discussing supported decision making and the relationship between guardianship and the NDIS.
  • We seek your views on the first Question Paper regarding preconditions for alternative decision-making arrangements, by 26 September 2016.

The NSW Guardianship Act 1987 is currently under review. Since the introduction of the Act in 1987, there have been key changes to the environment in which guardianship laws operate; changes to the way people think of disability and developments in human rights law. The review of the Act will consider these factors and examine changes to the make-up of the NSW population which have affected how the Act operates and to whom it applies.

As part of the review process, the NSW Law Reform Commission (NSW LRC) will be releasing a series of consultation papers on various subjects relating to guardianship. It will invite submissions for each of the consultation papers, which will be accompanied by surveys that can be completed in the place of a formal submission.

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