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News update
News update

Portable Long Service Scheme: Reminder to register by 30 September 2019

NDS members are reminded to check if they need to register by 30 September for the new Portable Long Service Scheme.
News update
News update

New legislation for labour hire providers

Under new Victorian legislation, labour hire providers are required to be licensed to operate.
Policy News
Policy News

Work progressing on new Registration Scheme for Victorian Disability Workers

The recent Victorian Disability Service Safeguards Act 2018 brings into operation a voluntary Disability Worker Registration Scheme and a Code of Conduct.

NDS calls for delay of Portable Long Service Scheme for community services sector

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I need to know this because:
  • NDS has called for a 12-month delay of the Portable Long Service Scheme in its application to the Community Services sector.
  • Consultation has closed for the Draft Regulations, which bring NDIS-funded activities in under the scheme from 1 January 2020.
  • The levy for contributions has now been set at 1.65 per cent.
  • NDS has produced a fact sheet and encourages members contact their local MPs regarding the scheme's expected impact.

NDS has called for a 12-month delay of the application of the Portable Long Service Scheme to the community services sector in its submission (PDF | Word) to the Victorian Government's consultation on the Draft Regulations.

While NDS opposed the inclusion of disability services altogether, we acknowledge the passing of the legislation, and in this context are keen to work with the Victorian Government to ensure that the implementation of the scheme is as smooth as possible.

Consultation has now closed on the Draft Regulations, which, among other things, include NDIS-funded activities from 1 January 2020. In addition to our previous concerns about the scheme and its inclusion of disability service providers, NDS argues in its submission that the continued lack of clarity and communication with affected employers means many service providers are yet to understand whether the scheme will affect them, and how.

The levy for contributions to the Portable Long Service Authority has been set at 1.65 per cent. This information was released only six weeks before the scheme is due to commence on 1 July 2019. NDS argues that providers require time - not just to understand and digest the details and operations of the scheme, but to assess the expected financial impact on their organisations, and to build these considerations into their budget projections.

Information continues to be scarce on the Victorian Government website for the scheme, pending development of an FAQ resource. In lieu of this, NDS has produced a fact sheet in an effort to support providers in their understanding of the scheme.

NDS encourages members to contact their MPs about the scheme's expected impact on their organisation. We suggest providers highlight the following as it applies to them:

  • Organisation size
  • Types of services provided
  • Number of people supported
  • Expected financial impact of the scheme on your organisation
  • Other expected implications

We would appreciate if you could also provide this information to NDS to assist our continuing advocacy on the issue, noting that any material used by NDS from members will be de-identified. Providers are welcome to attach a copy of NDS's submission, or use any part of it.

Publication: NDS Submission: Portable Long Service Scheme - Draft Regulations

NDS Submission: Portable Long Service Scheme - Draft Regulations

Download publication (PDF 477.0KB) Download accessible publication (Word 118.6KB)
Contact information
Henry Newton, Project and Policy Officer, 03 8341 4323,