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Policy News

NDS submission: Review of Skills for Victoria's Growing Economy

NDS calls for greater coordination of workforce training initiatives, improved training quality and more support for people with disabilities to gain employment.
News update
News update

Implementing the Victorian Care Facilities Directions (No 2) in disability residential settings – Your questions answered

The top 5 questions from the NDS Helpdesk regarding the implementation of the Victorian Care Facilities Directions (No 2)
News update
News update

Disability Act gazettal continues for Victorian residential services

Unless requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act 1996 can be upheld, re-gazetted Victorian group homes will continue to operate under the Disability Act 2006.

A Snapshot of Blindness and Low Vision Services in Australia


I need to know this because:
  • Find out the current issues relating to current capacity in anticipation of rising demand for blindness, low vision and rehabilitation services
  • Gain a picture of service provision together with the main ‘pressure points’ as reported by the service providers that support Australians with vision loss
  • Find out the annual economic cost attributable to blindness and vision impairment in Australia
  • Gain a snapshot of the most utilised services in vision loss

Vision 2020 Australia, National Disability Services (NDS) and the Australian Blindness Forum (ABF) undertook an online survey of their collective members (service providers, consumer groups and research bodies), in order to obtain a national perspective on the blindness, low vision and rehabilitation sector. This report highlights issues relating to current capacity in anticipation of rising demand for blindness, low vision and rehabilitation services.

The findings clearly show  that demand for services exceeds current sector capacity, with all respondents citing demand outweighing supply and almost two-thirds noting staff being required to work outside set hours. More than half of the respondents reported an increase in service wait times on the previous year and more than a quarter reported having to refuse service. The majority of respondents anticipated that demand would further increase in the 2014 calendar year, across all service types.

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