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News update

Disability at Work conference 2018 call for papers

NDS invites you to explore the next frontier in disability employment by submitting a paper for the Disability at Work conference 2018.

Zero Tolerance films focus on Restrictive Practices

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NDS is pleased to release a new series of Zero Tolerance films for direct support workers and supervisors on Recognising Restrictive Practices. Designed to encourage reflection and conversation about the misuse of restrictive practices, the films challenge viewers to explore different ways of supporting people in order to reduce and eliminate the use of restrictive practices.

Those who have completed the Understanding Abuse e-learning program will enjoy seeing Tom as he moves into his new house and discovers that things are different there.

Seven pairs of films explore the following restrictive practices:

  • Restricted access
  • Power control
  • Mechanical restraint
  • Chemical restraint
  • Physical restraint
  • Seclusion
  • Consequence control

Hear from people with disability, support workers, and practice leaders as they share their perspectives. Consider the impact of restrictions on people you support and explore ways to do things differently. The films are not training in and of themselves, but can be used in the context of your organisational policies and procedures and local legislation.

Funded by the Victorian Government and working closely with the Office of Professional Practice, the films were developed with input from people with disability, service providers, advocacy and academics.

Victorian disability service providers can find more information about restrictive practices in the Office of Professional Practice’s RISET tool. A short guide contains useful questions, links and contacts for each state and territory.

Find the new videos here.

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