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News update
News update

WA COVID-19 updates and resources released

The Community Sector Partnership Team - Department of Communities has released COVID-19 updates and resources for the Western Australian Disability Sector.
News update
News update

SA/NT NBN Consumer Roundtable

Australian Communications Consumer Action Network is holding a South Australia/Northern Territory NBN consumer roundtable on 7 July

What is next for NDS Professional Communities of Practice?

Image of five people in a meeting setting.


Since July 2016, NDS has been running five professional Communities of Practice (CoP) to support service providers develop practice and understanding around the rollout of the NDIS. They have focused on:

  1. Clients with complex needs
  2. ICT and systems
  3. Finance
  4. Customer and markets
  5. NDIS/support coordination

In total, 65 Communities of Practice meetings have been held over the three years of the project.

In the Evaluation Report of NDIS Sector Development Project Phase 2 - undertaken by Dyson Consulting Group and NDS in August 2018 - there are four common objectives across the CoPs:

  1. Foster peer support across the disability sector
  2. Provide a forum of sharing of good practice, knowledge and resources
  3. Identify shared issues of concern, and discuss and consider strategies to address these issues
  4. Identify issues for NDS to raise in its representation to Government and the NDIA

The evaluation consisted of surveying meeting attendees. 70 per cent of respondents to the survey rated the objectives as having been met 'very well', with the majority of remaining respondents rating the objectives as having been met 'to some extent'. Overall, 67 per cent of survey respondents report a positive effect on organisational readiness/transition to the NDIS.

During first half of 2019, the number of people attending has significantly increased, indicating that those in attendance continue to value their participation.

As the Sector Development Project (SDP) is continuing in a scaled down capacity from July 2019, we will be offering a reduced number of CoPs. We have been leading discussions on options for each of the groups. We are pleasured to confirm that the CoPs will continue for another year focusing on the following topics:

  1. Complexity 
  2. Support coordination

The meetings will be held in the NDS meeting room. NDS members are also invited to join one of the ongoing NDS Research Advisory Groups.

Contact information
Henry Newton, Project and Policy Officer, 03 8341 4323,