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News update

NDS risk registers - an essential tool for service providers

NDS has developed several Excel registers to help service providers keep track of risks, incidents and complaints.

WA Disability Support Awards 2021 nominations open, and Nomination Masterclasses available

Reads: WA Disability Support Awards 2021


While later in the year than usual, this decision has been made in response to our wider responsibility to prioritise the health of people with disability and to support the WA disability sector to focus attention on your response to COVID-19 during this time.

This will be the 13th year of the prestigious WA Disability Support Awards, which recognise and celebrate the contribution of Western Australians who demonstrate excellence, passion and commitment in supporting people with disability. The importance of this contribution was highlighted more than ever in the past year, with disability support workers playing an essential and valued role during COVID-19 to provide essential services and support to people with disability in our community.

A successful, vibrant and diverse disability sector is vital to ensure people with disability have the opportunity to fully participate in the WA community. The Awards play an important role in attracting and retaining workers with the right skills, values and attitudes.

WA disability service providers are encouraged to support people with disability to nominate outstanding staff or teams who provide the highest standard of support to increase the life opportunities for people with disability, and actively contribute to supporting strong and inclusive communities.

NDS recently spoke to past Award winner, Ryan Honschooten and VisAbility CEO Elizabeth Barnes about the Awards and their impact. View the video of the interview.

The WA Disability Support Awards celebrate the significant contribution of individuals and teams who support people with disability to achieve their goals. They recognise and reward people who go beyond ordinary standards of service and provide the highest standard of individualised support to people with disability.

This year the seven award categories are:

  • Emerging Leader
  • Excellence in Home and Family Support
  • Excellence in Innovation
  • Excellence in Regional Support
  • Excellence in Rights Promotion – Supporting Choice, Control and Capacity Building
  • Excellence in Supporting Employment Outcomes
  • Excellence in Supporting Inclusion and Citizenship

Download the nomination guide and form 

Nomination Masterclass workshops

Not sure how to get started? Need tips and support with writing your nomination or want to give your nomination its best chance?

Register for one of our Nomination Masterclass workshops on either Thursday, 29 April 2021 or Tuesday, 4 May 2021.

For further information about the 2021 Awards, please visit the WA Disability Support Awards website and make sure you keep up to date by following the Awards Facebook page.

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Suzanne George, Communications and Events Officer, 08 9208 9810, submit enquiry/feedback